Features for Employers

We take the costs and time out of the recruitment process. Promote your brand and employment opportunities to find the perfect match for your company. The cost of hiring the wrong employee can be financially draining and detrimental to the morale of the business, so let’s get it right first time.

Features for Candidates

Our algorithms will only match you with the job opportunities you want and the advanced analytics will keep you up to date with your progress. What’s more, you will receive feedback on your all your applications. Never be left in the dark again!
Pre-Application Assessment
Do it your way
  • You choose how you recruit. You set the questions, you set the requirements. We save you the time.
  • Convert your minimum requirements into pre-application questions so you only attract and process candidates with the right skills.
Find your fit with video
  • Ask video questions to get a better understanding of the candidate’s skills, capabilities and cultural fit.
  • Assess more people in less time.
  • Promote your company and culture through video embedded into personalised company profiles.
  • Give candidates a better insight into your company, culture and employment opportunities by advertising roles as a video.
Show off your brand
  • Promote your company, brand and employment opportunities using a combination of video and text.
  • Enjoy a customisable hub with all the employer information and opportunities in one place.
  • Employer profiles are an extension of your online presence and double as your company careers page.
TMS (Talent Management System)
Track and manage with ease
  • Track, categorise and manage all applicants with the drag and drop system. It’s where simplicity meets sophistication.
  • Build and manage the application assessment process to suit you.
Know where you stand
  • The live dashboard feature allows you to have complete transparency over the response to your listings, performance and insights to your business and industry.
  • Real time adjusting and easy to use.
Let’s talk
  • Interact with colleagues and candidates with message threads.
  • Connect directly with interested candidates.
Social Media Sharing
Get social
  • Harness the power of social media and promote your employment opportunities across social media platforms.
  • Expand your reach and stay efficient.
  • One-click publishing direct to social media platforms to save you time and promote your brand.
Data insights
Reports and analytics just got fun!
  • Use data driven insights to make more informed decisions.
  • Big data analytics without the complexity or expense.
  • Work with your internal team to never miss great talent.
  • Build your team or lots of teams to share, review and record points of view.
  • Assign tasks and share the recruitment load to make the process more efficient and transparent.
No Hidden costs
In fact, there is no cost at all
Annnnd action!
  • A CV does not have a personality. You do. Our video feature allows you to showcase your personality, skills and experience.
  • Our profile feature allows you to apply for many jobs without having to tailor your CV every time.
  • Quick and easy to create from any device and across any platform.
Manage all your applications from one easy location
  • Easy to use and mobile responsive.
  • Real time adjusting.
How did you do?
  • Stop being left in the dark with our feedback and progress features.
  • Insights into active job application progress.
  • Feedback on past job applications.
Job Pairing
Algorithms that make sense
  • We can match you with employers and employment opportunities as they are published.
  • We only match you with the job opportunities you want.
  • Real-time notification of new opportunities.
Messaging and Notifications
Join the community
  • Communication is the key to success. Talk with employers and receive notifications of new opportunities.
We respect your privacy
  • Take control of your content and share your profile only with companies for employment opportunities you want.
  • Anonymously browse employer profiles and join their communities to stay in the loop.
Free and easy
  • We are making job hunting fun and effective.
  • Our features have been carefully designed to be easy to use with effective outcomes.
  • Our service is completely free. We just care about finding you a great job.