Don’t Forget About Your Recruitment Brand

Employer Advice | PreviewMe | 17 July 2018

As competition for top talent continues to get tighter, many companies are now focusing on building a positive brand among job seekers. Not only do they strive to make the recruitment process smooth and candidate-friendly but they’re also not shy about tooting their own horn when showcasing the benefits of working for them.

In order to attract the talent your company desires, it’s important you’re mindful of how candidates view and perceive your company. Growing your brand may take some time but if it leads to you building the workforce you need, it is worth it!


Have a clear message

Every brand has their own unique message and tone of voice, so capitalise on yours. As candidates investigate prospective employers, how your business communicates will play a large role in determining whether candidates view you as someone that they would like to work for.

Make sure you have a consistent voice across every platform that a candidate could encounter. This includes your social media platforms, recruitment services, website and all one-on-one conversations.

It’s important you present a consistent and cohesive image of your company. As disjointed and confusing messages will likely turn people off.


Build a culture

How you recruit and who you are able to recruit will have a massive effect on your workplace culture. Thus, make sure you create an image and message that will help you recruit the talent you desire.

At a time where millennials are flooding the workforce, an inclusive and engaging culture is at the top of their wish list. You will be more likely to attract top talent and find your perfect candidate if they can see you have a strong and welcoming culture.


Public perception matters

As technology has become a large part of our day-to-day lives, the internet is the first place candidates turn to when looking for jobs. However, this is a double-edged sword. On one hand, employers are now able to connect with more candidates than ever before. On the other, candidates will be able to find out everything about a prospective employer.

In a world of online reviews, employees are more likely to seek peer-to-peer reviews about a company and use this to gauge their willingness to work there.

Thus, it’s vital companies understand the power your brand reputation and public perception plays in shaping whether you can attract top candidates. Use your online platforms to build a positive reputation and image. Be active, inviting and showcase the awesome work and culture you have. But also be swift in dealing with any negative news or feedback.


Embrace technology

If harnessed properly, technology has the power to streamline and automate your recruitment process.

A clunky and lengthy recruitment process will shine a negative light upon your employer brand. Candidates now seek a smooth and highly-personalised process from start to finish. However, embracing technology doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul.

A great place to start is moving away from traditional CVs to incorporating video into your recruitment process. Video CV’s are not only a great way to get a quality first impression of candidates but it will also demonstrate your willingness to adopt new best practices.


Enhance the candidate experience

It may be time to shift the way you communicate with potential candidates, start seeing them as customers, not recruits. Sell them on what the companies vision and mission is, work style and company expectations.

Remember, the experience your customers have will determine whether or not they buy your products, this is no different from job seekers. Therefore, it’s important you provide a fair, consistent and engaging journey for candidates going through your companies recruitment process.

Creating a positive experience for all candidates, regardless of whether they are successful or not, is critical. By providing a good experience, candidates are more willing to enter your talent pipeline and be open to future opportunities.


It’s important your business considers its image and how that may affect their ability to attract top talent. Candidates want to have a full understanding of what it’s like to work at a company and the benefits the company can provide them. So be bold in showcasing the benefits you can offer employees.

The best way to do this is to have an active and inviting social media presence. Using platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, you will be able to show off what it’s like to work at your company. In today’s job market, it’s highly likely candidates or recent hires first impressions of you were on these channels. So take the time to use these platforms to show off what your company is really about.