Grow for Sustained Success: How Do You Expand Your Workforce Efficiently?

Employer Advice | PreviewMe | 8 November 2018

Whether you are a newly launched startup or an established household name, growing an industry leading business is always the goal. While the idea of expansion is an attractive one, it can also be a major stumbling block for unprepared businesses.

It is critical you get the timing of bringing on new staff right. Bring on new staff too soon, and you may not be able to pay everyone. Bring them on too late, you may struggle to keep up with demand and lose customers.

There is no handbook available that will tell you when or how to expand your current workforce. However, there are a few processes and strategies you can employ to help increase the chances of seeing the success you desire.


Everyone on the same page

In the early stages of a business, when there is a handful of staff on board, it was easy for everyone to stay on the same page. With smaller numbers, in order to succeed, staff are required to have visibility over the entire business.

With this, it is easy to keep everyone on the same page and striving to achieve one goal. However, as you expand, it can be harder to maintain this company-wide focus. That doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved.

Overcome this issue by taking the time to regularly catch up with everyone. Whether this is one-on-one catch-ups over coffee or formal department meeting, it can be done. This will help to keep even the newest employees buying into the company’ goals and culture.  


Stay on top of quality

Bringing on new staff to expand is a necessary evil. While hiring new staff will allow you to take on more work and expand your capabilities, it will also mean letting go of control over the day-to-day operations of certain tasks.

While, this isn’t the end of the world, as chances are you are bringing on a specialist in that field, it is important you monitor their output. This is particularly important in the first few months as they learn the ropes. Obviously, the amount of monitoring required will depend on their role and previous experience level.

Maintaining visibility over the quality of work your staff are putting out is another great reason why regular catch-ups and keeping everyone on the one page is critical.


Recruit with video

The way we hire people is changing rapidly. We no longer have to rely on written CVs to make a judgement on whether or not a person is a fit. Nowadays, we have the luxury of expediting this process with video.

Building the best workforce possible requires you to employ the latest methods and technology available. Asking candidates to send in Video CVs is one of those methods. Video CVs is a great way for businesses to speed up their entire recruitment process and increase the chances they will find the right candidate.

Using Video CVs, instead of written ones, allows you to really get a feel for the candidates and get a great understanding of their skills and experience. From there, your recruitment process will be a lot more efficient and effective as you don’t have to sort through CVs and sit through unproductive interviews.


Play the long game

Remember growing and reaching your goals will not happen overnight. It will be a long and tough road that will require you to be patient and controlled. It is a wise idea to design a highly detailed strategy that will outline how you plan to expand and at what points you may need to hire someone new.

Even if you have the resources necessary or you’ve hit an unexpected upswing in business, stick to your strategy. This will safeguard you from allocating your resources too early and running into trouble in the future.

Being in a position to expand your business is an exciting but scary time, especially for startups. However, in order to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed, the above steps should safeguard you from harm.

In this competitive marketplace, if you are looking to expand your workforce it is important you are first able to attract the top talent. In recent years the best way to do this is to transition from traditional, paper CVs, towards incorporating video into your process. Video CVs are now becoming the preferred means of receiving applications and candidates are beginning to notice this.

So next time you are looking to bring on new talent, investigate implementing video into your process. If you are unsure where to start, the PreviewMe team are more than happy to help. We are a video recruitment platform that connects New Zealand businesses with top talent through video.


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