Have You Found Your Ideal Candidate?

Employer Advice | PreviewMe | 9 July 2018

For hiring managers, the recruitment process can be a time-consuming and resource-draining, especially if the hire doesn’t work out.

In a lot of cases, we are generally looking for reasons not to hire someone. If we spend more time concentrating on the ‘green flags’ instead of the ‘red flags’, it will be easier to find the right candidate for your business.


They’ve done their research

In most instances, an informed candidate, who has obviously done their research, will make for a high-quality hire. Candidates who have taken the time to learn about the company will generally fit into your culture better, have realistic expectations and will find it easier to learn and adapt to the role.

However, don’t just look for a candidate who has trolled through your website and understands your products or services. A quality candidate is someone who also has an understanding of your companies culture and purpose.

A candidate that has taken the time to learn about your company demonstrates they are someone who is genuinely interested in the role and company. Instead of someone who is solely looking for the paycheck.


Ooze enthusiasm

Don’t just look for someone who is saying all the right things, look for how they say it as well! Just because a candidate says they want to be apart of your company, doesn’t mean they’re the right candidate.

You should be looking for someone who is just as excited to work for your company, as you are to hire them. During the interview process, take note of how they speak, their body language and how engaged they are. If you can visibly see and hear the excitement, it’s a great sign that they may be perfect for the role.


They’re honest

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ candidate. No matter how hard you look, the person you eventually bring onboard will have some flaws.

However, a sign of a good candidate is someone that is aware of both their strengths and flaws. As you go through the interview process, there will be candidates who believe they are perfect. However, what you should be looking for, is someone that will own up to their flaws or outline a time when they made a mistake and how they learnt from it.

Often time, an individual who made a mistake at work but obviously learnt from it will be someone who is willing to learn and grow. This agility and self-awareness are traits everyone should be looking for when hiring.


They communicate clearly and quickly

As any hiring manager will understand, one of the most frustrating parts of the recruitment process is the coordination. Between scanning CVs or watching video CVs, scheduling interviews, and several rounds of interviews, the entire process can be quite time-consuming.

Thus, an individual who responds in a timely manner and doesn’t need to be chased is a sign of a quality candidate. Not only does this show respect and common courtesy, but an individual who is quick to respond, also shows they are motivated and genuinely interested in the role.


The interview goes swimmingly

It doesn’t matter which side of the table you sat one, we’ve all experienced an interview that was awkward and uninspiring. However, the best interviews are ones that flow with a natural back-and-forth.  

Sure, you want to gather all the information you can from the candidate but a sign of a good candidate is someone who engages and actually contributes to the interview. In a sense, it’s less of an interview and more of a conversation.

A good sign that the interview went well and that both parties seemed to ‘click’ is whether you left the interview excited or eager to work with them.


They have ideas and thoughts

An ideal candidate is one that not only has a track record of success but also one who is forward-thinking, in what they may bring to the role.

Look for candidates that come to the interview with clear goals and ideas of what they want to achieve within the role. This doesn’t have to be a five-year progression plan, but ideally a rough idea of the first few months.

If the candidate comes prepared with a 90-day plan, this is a great sign they are already taking the role seriously and are driven to succeed.


As a hiring manager, it can be hard to know whether the candidates you interview will translate into the role and company culture. However, if you look for these signs during the recruitment process, chances are you’ll end up with your ideal candidate.

A great way for you to expedite the recruitment process and get a good gauge of a candidate's personality and cultural fit is to ask for video CV submissions. This is a great way to screen potential candidates before you invest the time to interview them further. Ideally, leading to a stronger and more effective workforce.