How to Maintain Your Professionalism within the Workplace

Employee Advice | PreviewMe | 28 August 2018

In order to progress through your career and move up the corporate ladder, the one key trait you need to maintain is your professionalism. For new people to the workforce, it may take some time to understand how best to hold yourself in the workplace. However, we have put together a few easy to manage traits that’ll help you get started!


Don’t complain

No matter what position you hold or workplace you’re in, there will be tasks or projects that feel tedious, boring or dull, that is the nature of work. How do you deal with those situations? Are you the type, that puts your head down and pushes forward or do you throw your toys out of the cot?

True professionals take these situations in their stride and get on with the job, and complete it to a high standard. Don’t be that employee who walks around the office, complaining about the work they have been given. Firstly, you’ll be distracting everyone else, and secondly, no one really has time to listen to your complaints.


Don’t be late

One of the fastest ways to lose workplace respect and have the unprofessional tag associated with your name is to constantly be showing up late.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a client meeting, a presentation, Monday morning team meetings or your first day, always be early, or at least on time. By being the first one in the building, you are showing your co-workers and management that you are serious about your role and making an impact.


If asked, do it

This should be a no-brainer if your manager asks you to do something, do it! If given an assignment, asked to attend a meeting or asked to train someone, take it in your stride.

Even if the task is something you don’t want to do, whether it is because it’s a tedious task or you’re already struggling under your current workload, try to embrace the added responsibility. It may mean staying a bit later each day but saying ‘no’ and being unprofessional about it, could drastically impact your standing within the company.


Dress appropriately

While modern workplaces are a lot less strict when it comes to dress codes make sure you have dressed appropriately for every situation. Most companies will still have a general rule of thumb as to what is appropriate or not.

If you are new at the company, don’t be afraid of over-dressing for the first couple of weeks. Once you have a good understanding of what is acceptable, you can then begin to branch out.


Respect your co-workers

In every workplace, there are going to be people you get along with and others you don’t. That is simply the nature of a professional environment. However, a major part of maintaining your professionalism is the ability to respect your co-worker.

Building solid relationships with your colleagues will have a massive impact on your ability to perform at a high level. If you are seen as a respectful and reliable employee, you’ll find that more people will be willing to work with you.

And rule number one of workplace respect is to stay away from workplace gossip and hearsay. Especially, if you are new to the organisation, try not to get caught up in workplace dramas.



Throughout your career, there will be change. Whether this is a change in employer, a new position, new technology or even pivoting and starting your own business.

These changes are to be embraced, don’t get stuck in your ways. We are in an age where technology is rapidly changing how we operate within business. People want to work with individuals who are progressive.

So, if you can see where changes should be made for the better, look at how you can implement it. It may be incorporating video into your companies next hire, maybe it’s implementing automation into your recruitment process, with a platform such as PreviewMe. Bottom line is, stay open-minded!


Be self-aware

This is one of the best traits an individual can possess, both in and out of the workplace. Being self-aware goes for all aspects of your professional life.

Understand when you may be hard to work with, when you’re not contributing equally or when you're in the wrong. Learn from these situations and work on ensuring they don’t become an issue in the future.

Conversely, know when you are smashing it at work, when your team is reaching all their targets or when you get positive feedback. Embrace these moments but also don’t get caught up in them. Take note of what you did right and see how that can translate in other aspects of your work.


In every workplace, there will be times where your professionalism may be tested. Maybe you face a conflict or you get lumped with a time-consuming admin task. However, it’s important you stay professional even when you get faced with tough times.