Why Video Must be Apart of Your Recruitment Process

Employer Advice | PreviewMe | 14 August 2018

How are you recruiting in this modern landscape, are you holding onto the traditional cover letters and CVs or are you proactively pushing forward and staying ahead of the curve?

If your business is looking to progress and attract the top talent available, you need to constantly be looking to adapt your strategies and incorporate elements that appeal to the modern job seeker. Video is one of these elements, and the benefits it can provide your recruitment process and brand is unrivalled.


Your competition is doing it

With a number of New Zealand businesses starting to implement video into their recruitment process, you can bet your major competitors are already capitalising from it. This means, if it isn’t apart of your strategy, you could be really hurting your ability to acquire top talent.

Job seekers are more likely to engage with a job listing that is accompanied by or links back to a video over ones that aren’t. As a result, if your postings don’t include a video, you’ll probably miss out on a large section of available candidates.


Reach more people  

It isn’t just in the recruitment world that video is becoming increasingly popular. In every aspect of our lives, video is taking over. Thanks in large part to the advancements in online platforms and mobile technologies.

In both, wider society and in workplaces, people now prefer to view video over text. Whether this represents people's attention span or simply because it’s a more engaging medium, this shift needs to be accounted for in your recruitment strategy.

Through platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube, or recruiting platforms, such as PreviewMe, recruitment videos are more popular and accessible than ever before. With the ability to rewatch and engage with videos regularly, videos play a massive role in gaining the initial interest of a viewer and driving them towards your job listing.


You’ll speak to the younger job seekers  

Millennials are taking over the workforce and these digital natives are more attracted to videos than any other generation. If your company is looking to hire great young talent to build around, and why wouldn’t you, implementing video is a must.

These younger job seekers are likely to be the visionary individuals that take your company into the future, thus you need to adapt your strategies to appeal to them. As a result, you may have to throw away your old recruitment strategies and communications.  


Improve efficiency

The process of searching, recruiting and hiring someone has always been a lengthy and fairly expensive one. Not to mention, the costs associated with training and onboarding them and what happens if they don’t work out?

Implementing video into your recruitment process has the potential to drastically reduce the associated costs of the process. On the company side, you’ll be able to showcase what features set your business apart from the competition. Highlighting these features will help to attract your ideal candidates earlier in the process.

Whereas with candidates, encouraging them to submit video CVs will speed up the screening process. The inefficient and boring task of reading CVs is no longer apart of the process. With video CVs you are able to get a good gauge on who the candidate is and if they’ll fit into your culture. Thus, allowing you to progress to the latter phases of your recruitment process a lot sooner.


Showcase your culture

The goal of a recruitment video is to showcase your company's culture and the perks that come with being apart of the business.

Whether you have a formal recruitment video, informal employee testimonials or fun videos that highlight life within your company, candidates will get a better understanding of who the company is. This understanding is one which is extremely hard to share through a written job posting or even the first interview.


The way companies recruit is changing fast. The days of newspaper ads and long written CVs are over. Grabbing the attention of today’s job seekers is done through bespoke and engaging recruitment videos. Whether you decide to create multiple videos, which are centred on highlighting your culture or video job postings, you can’t afford to ignore video.

At PreviewMe, we understand the power that video has in today’s job market. That’s why we have developed a one-of-a-kind platform that is centred on video. Our aim is to help connect businesses to their ideal candidates and vice versa, through video.

If you would like to discover how video can revolutionise your recruitment process, contact us today.